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Brandon Mills


Physical fitness and elite health and wellness expert Brandon Mills, CSCS hit the Los Angeles fitness forum in 2010 with an unrivaled eagerness and drive to change individual's lives. Brandon’s extensive knowledge of kinesiology and nutrition coupled with his nationally recognized certification has allowed him to provide fitness education and healthy lifestyle tips to a wide array of individuals in all walks of life.

Brandon’s wealth of knowledge in physical fitness, easy approach to weight loss and weight gain, and second nature nutritional advice has allowed him to train with some of Hollywood's top actors, studio producers, television stars, competitive bodybuilders, models, and everyday fitness lovers alike. His intense drive to teach and educate others serves as his guiding energy and always leaves his clients and friends with an inner desire to learn and lead their own healthy lifestyle.

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Brandon’s desire to expand his own knowledge of health and wellness lead him to Los Angeles in 2008 where he attended USC and earned his bachelor's in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Human Performance. While at USC Mills took advantage of research opportunities which lead him to discover his true passion of working with children and heading the fight against childhood obesity. Throughout his schooling he administered Presidential Fitness examinations at inner city

Los Angeles elementary schools, wrote a physical fitness and nutritional journal for area Boys and Girls Clubs, and assisted in the development of after-school programs to get children up and active and participating in a healthy lifestyle.

After completing his education and certifications, Brandon began working as a private trainer and sport's massage therapist in Los Angeles. In 2011 Brandon founded “The Mills Method” to serve as an educational resource able to provide an unparalleled level of fitness advice, comprehensive nutritional choices for any lifestyle, and a forum to serve as a tool to help others reach their goals define a new personal level of success. Brandon currently resides in Los Angeles and continues to train his clients and host his weekly radio show, Two Smart Dumbbells.

Brandon Mills

Fitness Philosophy

I view fitness as not a workout or a diet plan, but a way of life focused on consistently making healthy choices, always setting new goals, and constantly striving for education and the expansion of one’s own personal knowledge. Maintaining fitness is a continuous cycle of learning and tests. Just as one learns in a school setting reading and studying to pass an exam, maintaining a lifetime of fitness requires continuing education, the ability to adapt, and the drive to always improve.

I believe that fitness is something that is imparted upon us when we are children before we are able to make our own choices, and offered to us later in life when we take our lives into our own hands. In this respect, many people feel as though they are out of control or placed against an insurmountable disadvantage. I believe that there is no obstacle too large, no goal too great, and no problem without a solution. Being able to consistently set small goals and achieve them sets us up for success, allowing personal growth, a deserved sense of accomplishment, and an inner confidence can grow and motivate yourself and others around you to succeed.

The stigma surrounding fitness is one that has been fostered and manipulated over the years to be intimidating and something that can only be truly achieved by spending hours in the gym. This could not be farther from the truth. The majority of us do not have inordinate amounts of free time to spend in gyms, nor do we have the capacity to spends hundreds, if not thousands, on a gym membership each year. The beauty about uncovering the truth about fitness is that the time spent in a gym or lifting weights is such a small piece of the overall puzzle. A healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and a positive constant sense of self-accomplishment are the true keys to success with fitness. The weights, the gyms, and the drive to look better merely exist as a supplement to the entire equation.

I believe that we must get back to our roots, take control of our own lives, set small goals and start with one accomplishment at a time. If we could all get what we wanted overnight, we would have no goals to live towards and therefore no sense of innate accomplishment. Spending time with family, developing a sense of community, imparting fitness as a way of life and not as a chore to be accomplished will begin to help us all see how much fun and joy fitness can bring to our lives. You have the tools, the mind, and the opportunity to shape your own future and make a difference today. And I am here to help you succeed, one step at a time.